Leather Walls, Grosvenor House Apartments

Leather Walls, Grosvenor House Apartments (Click to zoom in)

Grosvenor House Apartments

Grosvenor Apartments is a stunning hotel apartment complex above the Grosvenor Hotel on Park Lane, London which comprises of 120 hotel apartments and 4 large penthouse suites.

FabriTrak® was used extensively in all the hotel apartments, corridors and throughout the Penthouse on a contract in excess of £500K.

A range of fabrics were specified including wool melange, silk and leather. Our images show a media room in one of the penthouses with a tan leather wall which has been upholstered using our 12mm FabriTrak® system.  The Lobby image shows our 12mm FabriTrak® with a wool melange fabric.

Lobby area

Lobby area (Click to zoom in)

FabriTrak® around TV

FabriTrak® around TV (Click to zoom in)

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