Westminster Under School

Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley

A bespoke acoustic solution was required to introduce sound absorption within the school hall. Limited wall space was available, so the architect proposed large "drum" lampshades with the FabriTrak® system mounted on the external face of the drum.

The drums were manufactured by FabriTrak® from birch faced flexiply on a timber framework. The internal face of the drum was lacquered and the FabriTrak® system provided an acoustic aesthetic finish to the outside.

As the diameters were up to 2600mm, the drums were manufactured in kit form and site assembled. Each drum was then suspended on a "Gripple" wire suspension system.

The completed project provided a unique solution to the hall acoustics and the architect commented that "it also looks stunning!".

Sound absorption

FabriTrak® can meet any acoustic absorption requirement by varying the acoustic infills

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