Cutlers' Hall

Cutlers' Hall is a livery company in the city of London.

The main dining hall experienced reverberation issues and FabriTrak® UK were retained to find a solution.

The vaulted hall had old hanging curtains at one gable end. The client's brief was to remove these and to provide an acoustic wall that aesthetically matched the opposite painted gable wall.

This was achieved by removing the curtains and constructing a stud wall faced with plywood. The FabriTrak® system was then applied over this wall using 75mm thick acoustic foam as an absorber. A screen canvas material and interlining was then used to face the wall and provide a perfect match to the existing painted surfaces.

Finally, FabriTrak® UK was asked to fix the coat of arms onto the wall as seen in the photograph.

FabriTrak® UK

20 Esmond Street
London SW15 2LP