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FabriTrak is compatible with most fabrics from budget range screen and panel fabrics to high value silks.

This flexibility allows designers to specify from a virtually unlimited choice of fabrics.

FabriTrak UK has established relationships with most of the major UK, European and American fabric manufacturing and marketing companies.

FabriTrak UK can offer advice on the use of fabrics including specialist processing such as flameproofing, knit backing and Teflon coating.

We would advise clients to submit fabrics to us for final approval.

Acoustic ArtPanel technology

Acoustic ArtPanel technology

FabriTrak can also provide customised printed fabric using our Acoustic ArtPanel technology. This enables designers to incorporate any graphic, logo or artwork images onto our printed fabric.

The printed fabric, which is available up to 3m wide, is then dressed and stretched into the FabriTrak profiles.

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